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We sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for your purchase. The information provided is to help you prepare for your upcoming installation. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Top 10 Things to Know Prior to Your Install


If you have chosen to have our installers manipulate furniture, please ensure all loose items are cleared from specified area. Such items can include table lamps, framed pictures, toys, knick-knacks etc. China cabinet, wall unit, bookshelf and closet contents must be removed prior to the installers visit. If installers are moving beds, the linens must be removed as well as contents beneath the bed. Our installers are unable to manipulate Pianos or Grandfather clocks.


Expect minor touch up painting to be required after installation. Normal installation methods may slightly scuff existing baseboards or walls although our installers always use extreme care to minimize this. We recommend that new painting or wallpapering be done after the flooring is installed. Remove all hanging objects from the walls directly in and around the area of installation. Vibrations from the installation may cause damage to these item.


Disconnect and move any electronics, appliances and computers in the area of installation. Our installers can not move gas appliances; the customer prior to install must make disconnection arrangements.

Removal of Existing Floor Covering

If you have elected to not have our installers remove your existing carpet or flooring, you must have this done prior to the arrival of our installers.


If your installation results in a higher floor level, you will need to arrange to have your doors trimmed to accommodate the new carpet height/floor level. Our installers do not trim doors.


Seams are not completely invisible and will be less noticeable with different types of carpet or vinyl patterns. Discuss seam locations with your salesperson as fewer seams may increase the amount of carpet/vinyl you need, but will add satisfaction and professionalism to the job.

Unforeseen Charges

Additional charges may apply to installations when the take-up and removal of carpet or flooring are done. Water damage, urine soaked carpets, floors with structural damage, asbestos floors, etc. are not always detected until the installation process has begun. If any of these are a possibility, please advise your salesperson.

Upon Arrival

If possible, please be present at the start of installation to review general aspects of your installation as well as any special considerations. On completion of installation, please be available to walk through the job and express any concerns to prevent call backs that may inconvenience you at a later date.

Proper Power

Make sure that adequate power, light, ventilation and heat will be available 24 hours prior and during the installation (New home construction or an unoccupied building)

There Will Be Excess Materials

When ordering your new floors, a waste factor of 5-15% has be added to your order, depending on the product. Unforeseeable issues can affect the quality of the material, which means that some portions of your flooring could be delivered with damage. Damaged pieces can be used for off cuts, this way you do not need to delay your installation. The additional percentage helps to cover that possibility and ensure there’s enough material to complete your install. It is also recommended that you keep any extra material for possible repairs in the future. You never know when a product can be discontinued.