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Sunshine Carpet & Flooring offers a large selection of a hickory, oak, maple, birch, and acacia engineered hardwood options. Engineered hardwood offers a more dimensionally stable product allowing you to install on all grades including basements. Sunshine Carpet & Flooring has a variety of samples that are rich and warming, and styles that will bring a timeless beauty to your home or cottage.


Stylish & Sophisticated Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing floors in your current house, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of newer technology and manufacturing processes by adding engineered hardwood floors to rooms in the home. No matter which product you settle on in our showroom, you’re guaranteed a high-quality product from one of these reputable companies.

Why Choose Engineered Hardwood Over Traditional?

Natural hardwood floors have been found in buildings and houses for centuries, so why choose an engineered product over something trusted for so long? Here are some benefits of engineered hardwood that might help you decide.

Less Environmental Impact

Manufacturers can produce 30 times more flooring from a single tree using engineered hardwood methods over solid hardwood.

Greater Stability

Finally, a hardwood flooring product that’s tough enough for bathrooms and basements due to engineered hardwood’s product core and finishing process.