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Sunshine Carpet & Flooring offers a beautiful selection of solid ¾” in oak, maple, and birch options. Sunshine Carpet & Flooring staff are here to help you find the right hardwood that will complement the design and elements of your home or cottage.


Enjoy All the Details Offered by Solid Hardwood

When considering any type of floor covering, customers’ initial thoughts are usually based on colour. Lighter shades can make rooms feel larger, while darker colours add to a room’s elegance. However, there are more details to consider when choosing solid hardwood floors.

Plank Size

Choose from a variety of plan sizes up to 5" widths.

Edge Treatment

Choices include square, micro, and bevelled edges.

Solid Hardwood Floors for Decades of Enjoyment

At Sunshine Carpet & Flooring, we offer beautifully crafted solid hardwood flooring products that last year after year. Modern technology and manufacturing practices have improved the finish of wood floor coverings and made them more durable than ever. The days of re-sanding and refinishing can be put behind you.