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Sunshine Carpet & Flooring offers top selling carpet in a variety of styles such as berbers, cut piles, cut and loop, carpet tiles, and commercial carpet. Explore our large sample collection of trending colours, patterns, and textures. Get gorgeous long lasting carpet that is kid and pet friendly while staying on a budget. Carpet has never looked and felt so good!


Carpet Options to Meet Your Specific Needs

Carpet isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. A family with multiple children and pets will have different requirements than a retired couple updating their empty nest. What these situations have in common is a trusted source for quality products and industry knowledge. That’s where we come in. No matter your situation, we have a solution for your carpeting needs.

Carpet Is Right for Your Home

Additional benefits of carpet include:

Natural Insulation

Carpet is a natural insulator, and increasing the R-value of the carpet you choose can help keep out cold air and reduce energy consumption.

Easy Maintenance

Today, carpets are manufactured with defence in mind. If you see pet paws, children at play, or frequent spills in your future, you can seek added soil, stain, and wear resistance.

Expectional Value

Carpet has been found in homes for decades and will continue to be a favoured floor covering choice into the future. That can be a bonus for potential buyers if you want to sell.